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           senior stylist/make up artist/nail tech
                master stylist
            master stylist

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          apprentice/sales consultant
             owner/master stylist
         senior stylist/nail tech
              master stylist

Amber Bush
Lindsay Farmer
Jewel Ingalls

Ian DiRusso
Laurie Farmer
Amy Giorgi
Kate Hodgson
Johnny Carvalho master stylist

Interested in learning how you can become a part of our team?
Our Apprenticeship follow a cirriculum that expands over a minimum of  an 18 month period and includes 3000 hours of training, testing and assisting our licensed cosmetologist.  Our apprentice wear a name tag that identifies them as such and have their NH apprentice license. At the completion of our program they will take the state board cosmetology test to become a certified cosmetologist. Until this time a licenced stylist will consult with all clients the apprentice is certified to give service to and will help and assist to make sure your services are up to the level of excellance expected of all the staff at Elation Salon. Elation Salon currently has five graduates of this highly successful program.
Our Apprenticeship Program